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Mec Shot Container type blast room is a compact unit consist of steel enclosure of container & blasting unit, air recovery unit / bucket elevator with inbuilt dust collector. A partition wall separates the blasting chamber to abrasive recovery & dust collection system. The blasting chamber is rubber lined to protect the abrasion of side walls. The P7-501R or P7-1001R Model blasting machine is with conventional fitting for easy operations. The used abrasive is swept manually in air recovery unit feed hopper / boot of bucket elevator for the abrasive recovery & recycle. The ducts are connected from blasting chamber of the container to the inlet of the inbuilt dust collector. Fine dust generated during the blasting operation is sucked in dust collector due to the suction effect created by exhaust fan. Fine dust get entrapped over filter element or in filter bags & clean air let out in the atmosphere keeping the environment eco friendly. 

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