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During manufacturing of Fire Extinguishers the steel material get corrosion due to environmental effect. The fire Extinguishers get blast cleaned and surface is prepared for painting. Mecshot has recently manufactured Airless Y Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine for Fire Extinguishers. The Number of Fire Extinguishers Cylinders are to be blasted are hanged on hanger which provide on beams and motorized trolley to take the job inside the cabinet.

The job enters the blast cabinet where it is blasted inside the blast cabinet by two powerful upward and downward positioned blast wheels enabling to cover the entire turning circle of components. The duly blasted Fire Extinguishers Cylinders come out from the same branch of the Y is pushed inside for blast cleaning. The opening & closing of both the doors is pneumatically operated.

The air dynamic separation systems continuously segregate usable abrasive from unusable abrasive & debris. The unusable abrasive is transferred in to the storage hopper for recirculation purpose. The abrasive from the storage hopper are transferred into the blast wheel unit through feed funnel.
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