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Basic Module Part No.2004600000
Add on Module Part No.2004602200

Suitable for color change application in air assisted spray systems.

Basic module consists of three valves, two for color and one for solvent valve.

Add on module consists of two color valves.

Any number of colors possible.

First easy color changing


Resultant fluid pathEquivalent to 4mm hole (12.56mm)
Modular designEasy to add to at a later stage
Fully stainless steelSuitable for water based materials compact easy to maintain, and service, fast efficient valve action.
Maximum working pressure30bar
Inlet/Circulations ports1/8" BSP (F)
Wetted parts304 stainless steel, PTFE, Delrin

PLC based electro- pneumatic control system or complete pneumatic control system can be additionally supplied on requirement.

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