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A Cyclone dust collector is to separate any metallic or other dust particles from the spraying/ Blasting room and discharge clean air to theatmosphere. In this the suction created by exhaust fan causes the dust laden air to enter the cyclone dust collector.  The cyclone the dust particles get separated by a centrifugal action and get settled in a Dust Tray at the bottom of the cyclone. The dust free clean air escaped to the atmosphere through the exhaust fan. There by allowing dust to be collected in the dust tray. The collected dust in a dust tray at the bottom of the cyclone dust collector is taken out manually, from time to time.

Special Features
Down flow Principle : Assures high collection efficiency.

Modular Design With No Moving Parts :
Low maintenance and replacement of cartridge element is easy and quick.

Fair Air To Filter Ratio :
Assures longer life of cartridges

Variety Of Fabric Material :
Cartridges are normally of synthetic webbed material. However, other materials can be supplied to suit individual application.

Quality & Reliability :
Dependable products with in-build quality for trouble free operation.
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