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The SFS make Electrostatic Powder Spray Equipment is most modern equipment with in built HV Charging Systems in barrel.

An all-new Multi static powder system has advanced features to make the whole powder coating process quick, easy and efficient. Features a 100KV built-in electrostatic high voltage generator for enhanced transfer efficiency and reduced wastage. A powder pathway constructed from wear-resistant material, specially rounded to prevent impact fusion and thus provide a smooth uninterrupted flow. A most easily maneuverable, well balanced and efficient powder coating gun made in a high impact-unbreakable plastic body. We use most advance technology for high voltage generation so that we get

  • Maximum Transfer efficiency
  • Uniform Coating
  • No Faraday Cage effect
  • Trouble Free Operations


The Control Panel provided on the machine controls the Charging Voltage/Powder out-put/Air Velocity and Fluidization of Powder. The Powder Container made in Stainless Steels, free from the trouble of rusting. The Total System is mounted on a Movable Trolley, so that it can be easily operated any where in the Shop.


Tecnical Specifications :-

Input Voltage230 V + 10 V, 50HZ+ 2%
Air consumptions8 CFM at 5 kg/cm2
HV Out-put100 KV
Solenoid Voltage220 V AC
Hopper Capacity20 kg., 1 No.
Fluidizing Pressure3.5 kg/cm2
Gun1 No.
Gun In-put Voltage220 V AC (max.) Negative
Powder Delivery450 gm/min. (Max.)

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