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Dust laden air is drawn into dust collector through inlet due to suction created by exhaust fan and passes through fabric bags. Heavier dust particles fall into hopper due to loss of momentum. Finer dust gets deposited on inner surface of fabric bags and clean air passes across outer surface of filter bags and then exit into atmosphere through outlet. Bags are cleaned through motorised shaking arrangement. When motor is switched OFF, shaking cycle gets activated automatically and bags are shaken for preset time through timer. Dust released from filter bags slides downward into hopper for further collection into dust bin.

Special Feature:

Modular Design with no moving parts :
Low maintenance and replacement of fabric bags is easy and quick.

Fair Air to filter ratio :
Assures longer life of bags.

Variety of fabric material :
Fabric bags are normally of cotton woven satin cloth. However, other materials can be supplied to suit individual application.

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