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Dust laden air is drawn into dust collector through inlet due to suction created by exhaust fan and passes through Pleated Bag elements. The abrasive resistant inlet promotes dropping out high particulate, generates uniform air flow, thus increases filter life. The dust gets deposited on outer surface of Pleated Bag and clean air flows through the center passage of Pleated Bag into clean air plenum. Clean air further exit into atmosphere through outlet duct. Pleated Bag are periodically and automatically get cleaned through air purging. Sequence circuit activates solenoid valves for high pressure air purging of preselected Pleated Bag. Dust released from Pleated Bags slides downward into the hopper for further collection into the dust bin.

Specal Features:
Fair A ir to filter ratio : Assures longer life of cartridges

Variety of material :

Cartridges are normally of synthetic webbed material. However, other materials can be supplied to suit individual application.

Modular design with no moving parts. 

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