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Inducted latest technology and improved the quality of Shot Blasting Machine Tumblast type generally produced in the market. The Shot Blasting Machine has a powerful Blast Wheel station, the blast wheel is directly mounted on shaft of motor, so that more amounts of shots can be propelled per HP and less maintenance The Blast Wheel assembly contains a few alloy steel hard and the wheel blades are taper lock type. The work cabinet of the machine is fully lined with Manganese steel tiles. The door of cabinet have pneumatic cylinder for automated opening and closing of the same. An shot replenishes device is fitted on the abrasive recycling system, this devise automatically adds the abrasive as and when there is shortage of abrasive in the storage hopper of wheel.
The abrasive recycling system houses an effective air dynamic separation system, which constantly cleans and washes abrasive. The vertical panel with all controls is provided and the panel can be positioned as per requirement of the customer. The main cabinet with abrasive recovery and cleaning system is connected through duct with reverse pulse jet type or cartridge type Fabric Filter Bag of dust collection unit which provide require suction power to the blast cabinet and abrasive recovery unit. The machine can be further automated by providing program logic controller (PLC).


  • Principle of simple tumbling mechanical process
  • Compact Design & robust construction
  • Wide range of applications high quality surface cleaning
  • Direct exposure to complete
  • external area of surfaces pit less
  • Industrial clean environmental
  • dust collector

Benefits :
  • Flexible varieties of small & large sized castings reliable cleaning
  • Economical & reliable blast cleaning Low operational & maintenance  cost
  • Adoptability of any kind of loading method for work pieces
  • Simple & quick installation on ready foundation
  • Pre wired for immediate  electrical  supply
  • Batch quantity production through direct loading without any fixture 
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