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National Enterprises has a range of Airless Shot Blasting Machine 'Tunnel Type' with number of Blast wheels varying according to the production output required. This is the most used after & the most flourishing series for the long structural, channels, angles, plates, gratings, pipe etc. for large production output in terms of surface treatment. The opening of the tunnel & numbers of blast wheels, depend upon the structure of the job for attaining homogeneous finish.

Essential Elements:

  • Construction of Working Chamber : The heavy duty all welded cabinet is manufactured out of prime quality heavy duty steel plate and mounted on sturdy and rigid structural steel frame work. Manganese steel liners are fitted in direct and indirect blast zone of the cabinet (complete lining).
  • Blast Wheel Assembly : The rotor is made out of EN grade material duly hardened. The drive system of blast wheel (rotor) entails a set of self-lubricated and self-aligning pedestal bearings. The rotor is dynamically balanced.
  • Abrasive Circulation System for continuous & trouble free operation.
  • Pulse Jet type Dust Collection System : Dust Collector is provided to suck the dust from blasting cabinet. The filter bags of dust collector are made out of a non-woven PTEE pleated bags for low dust emission level.
  • Roller Conveyor is provided at inlet and outlet of blasting cabinet driven by suitable variable AC drive.
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