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  • Accurate-component metering by precision geared flow meters.
  • Reliable-online mixing ratio assurance.
  • Easy to use-user friendly touch screen operator interface
  • Material usage reporting.
  • Multi colour operation-quick colour change, with present recipe.

Features & Specifications:



Optional(on request) 

Mixing ratio range

UP to 30.0(in 0.1 Increments)-

Accuracy tolerance


Down to 1% *User settable


Flow rate

0.1 to 4 liters per minuteHigher flow rate

Maximum fluid pressure

30 bar240 bar

Air pressure requirement


Electrical power requirement

230v AC 50 Hz Single phase As per available power source

Multi-colour application(colour change facility)

4 colours, 4 hardeners & 2 solvents, 4 different recipes can be storedModular system. No limit to colour addition and recipes


Manual as well as inbuilt auto flushing cycle programmable sequential air-solvent purge-

Material usage reporting

Reporting of component consumption accumulative+ daily consumption-

 Pot life monitoring

Pot life monitoring of mixed material 

Pressure monitoring 

Online system health checking by pressure monitoring.-

 Level Monitoring

Online container level monitoring based on material consumption 

 Remote Operator panel

-Ex-proof remote operator panel


RS 232 communication port for printer/network/PC. Protocol modbusSCADA

Operator Interface 

Touch screen graphical display with audio visual alarm system-
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