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The Mec Shot Web Scrubber consisting of single stage Scrubbing Filters which is located at the bottom of Multi Nozzles. The Paint Spray Fume scrubber is suitable for the collecting 3 micron and above sized particulate. In Paint Spray Fume scrubber the fume is sucked through the ducts connected from Paint Spray Room to the scrubber Fume inlet and flows upward through single stage Scrubbing Filters. The contaminated air get washed by spraying water from Spry Nozzles and separates the paint dust or fume. The air flows upward through multiple sections tangential Set of Vanes and flows out through the Exhaust fan, Thus keeping the environment friendly.

The scrubbing liquor is fed by gravity from a inlet water pipe , avoiding the need for blockage prone spray Nozzles. The water flows down to distribution cone, which forms the lower face of the vane scrubbing assembly.

The particulate laden gases enter the body of the scrubber tangentially allowing large particles to be collected in the lower section submersed in water tank. The paint Sludge floating on the water is clean from time to time through the inspection doors at least daily once. The paint sludge that is settled at the bottom of the water tank is cleaned by opening the Drain Plug at least once in a week. ( The Time for removing the sludge may vary as per the working and customer to make its own time schedule) 

A portion of finely atomized scrubbing water containing the collected particulate is carried upward with the gas to the helical separator. The separator imparts a secondary centrifugal motion to the gas stream as it passes through the vanes, causing the liquor to impinge and separate on the walls of the separate on the walls of the separator chamber.

The spraying water get clean in Strainer and recycles by a water Pump and is then Carried by gravity back to the Spray Nozzles.

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