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Works on induction-suction principle of blasting. The most important point in wet blasting is its ability to use very fine abrasive-as fine as 5 micron. Fine abrasive particles are suspended in liquid, usually water and then pumped to a nozzle as a slurry. At nozzle, the slurry is introduced into air - stream and propelled against job. The glandless slurry pump is used to feed the slurry at positive pressure into blast gun. The wetted parts of pump are of thermoset plastic material for corrosion resistance. Wb machine is useful in tool room to remove feather burrs from multi tooth cutting tools such as milling cutters, broaches and taps eliminating hours of hand honing time. It deburrs intersecting holes in precision parts which are inaccessible by any other method. The finest machined surface can be super finished without damage to sharp edges and exact tolerances. 

Available in three standard models :
l wb-9182
l wb-12090

Options available on request :

l high capacity slurry pump for high output. 
l higher output blast gun in place of standard. 
l foot operated treadle switch for blasting on / off.
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