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Our rotoblast tool blast cleans the internal diameter of pipe from 51 mm to 91 4mm & up to 12 M in length. Removes stubborn rust, carbon, mill scale, old paint etc., to get virgin metal surface which is ideal for further coating


No rotation of pipes is required. Our machine is easy to operate, just select a proper tool and couple it with a blast hose of a P-7 Abrasive Blasting Machine. Push the tool through the length of the pipe to the opposite end and start the blasting process while withdrawing the tool at the speed necessary to obtain the desired degree of cleaning.

A roto blast tool has a rotating head mechanism that rotates while propelling abrasive. The rotating head is fitted with two tungsten carbide lined nozzles to suit pipe size, compressed air availability and pipe condition. It renders high productivity and enables treating medium and large pipes. A set of adjustable centering carriages are supplied along with a tool to treat pipe ID of 165mm to 914mm.


Ready Stock High Quality - Pipe Painting/ Coating Equipment/ Tool - 

Airless Internal Spray Painting of pipe from 600 mm to 2500 mm

Internal pipe attachment from 50 mm ID to 2.5 meters ID.

3 times faster than manual operations.

Linear Speed up to 5 meter/ minute

Oscillation speed - 0.25 to 0.9 meter/ sec.

Renders uniform coating

Electronic variable linear speed - controllable

Servo driven rotary reciprocating arrangement



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