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We manufacture an impeccable range of Portable Abrasive Blasters. Customers can make use of varied media as an abrasive for different activities and finishes. Our Portable Abrasive Blasters are fabricated by the set industrial guidelines, our range is available in standard and customized specifications.


The abrasive blasting as a finishing process has been successfully utilized on metal, glass and ceramics, plastic & stone. Its functions include debussing, descaling, peening, polishing, de-flashing & rust removal. Portable abrasive blaster pressure feeds the system of abrasive propelling and results in higher production rates. Our portable abrasive blasters are typically powered by air compressors. The air compressor provides a large volume of high-pressure air. Our Abrasive Blasters are pressurized, tank-like containers, filled with abrasive material, used to allow an adjustable amount and type of blast media into the main blasting line depending upon the model. During the blasting process, the mushroom valve and exhaust valves are automatically placed in a position that the vessel is pressurized and the media is forced out through the pressure feed valve to the nozzle. When the blasting process halts, the pressure vessel is depressurized by opening the exhaust valve. The vessel remains depressurized except when the blasting process is ongoing. The remote-control valve provided with the system releases the pressure, stopping the blasting process thereby ensuring safe working conditions for the operator in case the hose and nozzle drop accidentally.

(Specifications given below – rest as per customers requirement)

Related spares and consumables are available as ready stock at our offices. We also have company trained engineers for after-sales service of our machines. Please scroll down to view our installations via images and our YouTube channel.


MODEL NUMBER P7-501 R P7 – 1001 R
Abrasive Capacity 500 1000
Metallic (Kg.) 230 460
Sand (Kg.) 230 460
Overall dimensions approx. 1370 1610
Height (mm) 615 760
Diameter (mm) 615 760
Blasting Nozzle – Tungsten Carbide
(*Standard size supplied unless ordered otherwise)

6, 10
8, 12
Blast Hose ID (mm)
25 32
Blast Hose Length (meter)
10 10
Recommended Air Hose ID (mm)
25 32
Approx. Cleaning Rate (Sq. Mtr./ Hour) For Guidance Only
11 to 15 15 to 19
Compressed Air Requirement at 5.63 Kg./ Sq. Cm. (80 psi) Cubic meter/ minute (CFM)
3.85 (135) 7.08 (250)
Recommended Abrasive Size Range BS Mesh
16 to 80 12 to 80


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