Pleated Bag Type

High collection efficiency
Low maintenance
Downflow principle
Industrial dust collectors are mandatorily required to meet the pollution control norms for keeping the environment ecofriendly. A dust collector separates any metallic dust particles from the blasting/painting/buffing & grinding facility and allows circulation of breathable air in the vicinity.


Dust laden air is drawn into the dust collector inlet due to the suction created by the exhaust fan and passes through the pleated bag elements. The abrasive-resistant inlet promotes dropping out light particulates and generates a uniform airflow which results in a longer life cycle of the filters. The dust gets deposited on the outer surface of a pleated bag and clean air flows through the centre passage of the pleated bag. Clean air further exits into the atmosphere through the outlet duct. Pleated bags are periodically and automatically cleaned through air purging. A sequence circuit activates the solenoid valve for high-pressure air purging for preselected pleated bags. The dust released from the pleated bags slides downwards into the hopper for further collection into the dustbin. The dust collector assures longer life of cartridges, has a modular design with no moving parts and a typical application for ventilation and dust collection. Dust collectors can be used in various industries and around distinctive systems for instance shot blasting rooms, plasma spray acoustic chambers, smoke and welding fume extraction form, metal and powder spring enclosures etc.


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